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5 Facts Parents Need to Know About Potty Training

In 1957, 92% of children were toilet trained by 18 months.

-NY Times, 1999

The current average age of potty training completion in the US is 35 months for girls,

39 months for boys.

-Ambulatory Pediatrics Journal, 2001

More than 50% of children around the world are toilet trained at about 1 year of age.

-Contemporary Pediatrics, 2004

American babies use approximately 27.4 billion single-use plastic diapers ever year.

-Andrea Olsen

It’s estimated that disposable diapers take 250-500 years to decompose… but no one really knows for sure. Since they were invented in the late 1950’s, every single disposable diaper that’s ever been thrown away still lies exactly where it was buried.

-Andrea Olsen

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