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Potty training - break free from diapers

potty like a pro

break free from diapers

Diapers are expensive, wasteful and require tons of work, but ditching diapers isn’t just about teaching your child to use a toilet. It requires a clear channel of communication between you and your child. 


With a few simple time-tested techniques, we’ll create a customized plan to help you and your child face toilet challenges with confidence and ease.

With potty like a pro parents can learn how to potty train

With potty like a pro,
parents can learn

  • how to set-up their home for potty training success

  • how to set up a routine to prevent potty misses

  • how to understand their child's natural potty pattern throughout the day

  • how to read their child’s signs and signals

  • how to trust their intuition

  • how to begin nighttime training

With potty like a pro,
kids can learn

  • how to sit on the potty when asked 

  • how to independently dress and undress for the toilet

  • how to use proper bathroom hygiene

  • how to self-initiate and listen to their body for cues 

  • how to be a big kid and say goodbye to diapers

With potty like a pro kids can learn how to break their diaper habit

Contact us to schedule your
free potty consultation!  |  Tel: 847-903-5171

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"Due to Kate’s work directly with our daughter and as a coach to us, by the time our daughter was 18 months she was no longer diaper dependent – almost a year earlier than we had previously achieved with our son. This instilled a pride and confidence in our daughter that has carried over to other facets of her life."

Adam R.

Boston, MA

"My Zoom consultation with Kate was fantastic! She prepared a plan that was specific to our family and walked us through it step-by-step. It was so great to get the answers we were looking for in the comfort of my own home while our son slept in the next room. I am definitely keeping her number close!"

Natalie F.

Denver, CO

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